Monday, September 27, 2010

Halo, Risk and Basketball

This last week was a good one. On Wednesday, I went up to Salem and played some basketball. It was probably the best I've played ever! We started at nine and left at midnight, so putting in three hours of basketball makes for a pretty good day for me. Then on Friday, my buddy Taylor brought himself over to my house at seven. With him was the new game HALO REACH! It was the coolest thing I've ever seen. Him and me were playing then Gavin and Trevor came over. We were there till twelve thirty and that's when we started feeling like...people who stay up all night playing video games and decided to stop playing. I expect we will play again some night this week. Finally, Saturday night, what started as a friendly game of soccer ended in a huge fight for global conquest. We, Gavin, Seth, Sage, Collin, Max, Garret, Braden and I, went to the high school to play soccer for a while. We forgot that you can't really play soccer when the sun goes down. So once it was dark we went back to my house. Previously in the night we had my dad record the Oregon Boise state game. The best part of that game was watching Rodgers after he got his concussion. We finished watching that at 10 and then started a game of Risk. It started out somewhat fare, it was only Seth, Braden, Trevor, Gavin and I playing. Braden and Trevor had never played before, so we helped them out. The game looked pretty easy to win, but 2 hours later, Seth and I were defending our home fronts while the people we taught how to play, Braden and Trevor, teamed up and formed a super power. An hour later, around one in the morning, Trevor's mom called and said he needed to go home. Seth and I had teamed up and had destroyed Braden, weakening our forces. Trever still held North America, minus Greenland, and he could turn in next turn. We took a picture of the playing field and our cards and plan on resuming the game at a later time.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


College...Is certainly a different experience. I didn't know what to think of it at first. It is nothing like high school...I don't know anyone, I can't talk any of the teachers into a few points, and I don't know ANYONE. Yes, I pass some people in the hall I can say high to every now and then, but other then that. Despite all of this, I love college. It's good. I havn't had that much homework and when I do have to write a paper it's only 1 or 2 pages. What they do have in college that is like high school is double space papers thank goodness!!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm Back!!!

It's been a while...

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dear IN-N-OUT Burger

This is the story of how IN-N-OUT burger got me to state:

I have been a swimmer for most of my teen years. I started my senior year on the high school swim team, picking up on a pretty good end to my junior year. Mid-season, I was keeping pretty consistent with my times with the previous year, swimming around 58 seconds in my hundred free and around 27 seconds in my fifty free. These times were alright, but all around me people were dropping times left and right and here's Cooper with his same old times. I got pretty excited when I cut of tenths of a second.
One day, after school, all the swimmers were in the coaches room talking about the last meet we had before region. It was in Lehi. Now you might be unfamiliar with this news, but you guys recently put an IN-N-OUT in American Fork. That is close to Lehi. I asked my coach if we could possibly go there after the meet. Being familiar with the lines that usually accompany my favorite fast food place, she said no. Trying to sound as serious as possible I asked if we could go if I swam really fast in the upcoming meet. She was not big on taking risks so she said if I swam a low 54 in my race we could go to IN-N-OUT. 54 seconds was the, then, current state qualifying time. With out a blink I accepted the challenge.
I was going to have to drop 3 seconds in a race I was already going pretty fast in. The day of the meet came and I was sitting at the pool with my cliff energy bar, some power bar goop, and a powder energy packet for my water from my dad. I was nervous. I asked my coach if the goop stuff was legal, she said if was and also gave me my new favorite energy booster, shot blocks. I had two of them and instantly felt the energy go through my body. My first event was our medley relay. I swam my freestyle split the fastest I had every swam it. I had ultimate confidence in the power of the shot blocks.
The rest of the team had heard about me and my coaches deal, so the whole meet I was bombarded by people telling me to win. My race came up and I have to admit I was feeling nervous for the first time. The whole day I hadn't even thought once that I couldn't do it. I got up on the block and the only thing going through my mind was 54, 54, 54! When the signal telling us to go went off, I dove in. I can't really explain what happened. The only thing I know was that for some reason my arms weren't hurting, I didn't feel tired when I started my second fifty, and I was kicking like I had never done before.
When I touched the wall, I looked up at the board that kept the times. Guess what? They were having technical difficulties. Luckily my team was cheering loud enough that I knew I had made it. When I went over and talked to my coach, she was overjoyed. My final time was 53.6 and it is still the fastest time I have ever swam. We went to IN-N-OUT burger, and it was the best burger I have ever eaten from the best burger joint around.
That time qualified me for state, and hopefully I can beat it when stated rolls around on February 6th.
Thank You,
Cooper Urmston,
A die hard IN-N-OUT fan

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Since Last Post....

1. I made student council. I'm a Senior Representative. Senior Rep for short
2. I am in the Running for Cross Country Captian. With a Good Chance.
3. I am on siminary council
4. I created a Genre of music called...........URMANIUM
5. I started liking a newfound Genre of music called.....URMANIUM
6. I....I....I think thats it.
7. Summer Started.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hey I posted on garrets blog

yeah, I left a comment on garrets post titled 'come on' so go there

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I have been made a captain of the swim team!!!! yeah!!!